While integrated live booking availability is limited to lodges using the www.eob.com.au booking system a 'listing only' option on hothamlodges is available. Listing is available for lodges or other Mount Hotham services.  

Standard Page

Similar to http://www.hothamlodges.com.au/vagabond-ski-club. No connection to the live availability on homepage, but with links to your own booking system availability if you have one. Helpful for driving traffic to your site. Cost is $330 per year* (inc GST).

Premium Page

A full page with banner like www.hothamlodges.com.au/hoys-discount-hire-hotham for $440 per year* (inc GST).

Badge Advertisement

Rotating badge logo shown at random on all pages but premium pages. $121 per year* (inc GST). No click or impression limits.

To be included on hotham lodges please email bookings@hothamlodges.com.au.

Visit www.eob.com.au for more information on how epidote can make your booking experience more productive.

* Years based March - March or part thereof.

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